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The most configurable Mac ever

A Pro Fit For a Professional

There was much to unpack at Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer Conference. Hot on the heels of the Google I/O 2019 conference, which made a splash with its new online gaming platform Stadia, Apple delivered one of its most transformative announcements in a long while. The company laid out its vision for the future and addressed many concerns with its previous devices voiced by various end-users, most notably engineering and design professionals.

With a number of initiatives focusing on the user, Apple managed to showcase a future that is responsive to user’s needs and wants. Spearheading the company’s drive towards enhanced UX was Apple’s highly impressive and reconfigurable Mac Pro tower, dubbed the “cheese grater” by critics due to its uncanny similarity to the kitchen appliance (a slight improvement from the Mac Pro Trash Can). With a Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores of power, 8 peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slots, 4 GPUs, a 6 channel memory system, and an advanced cooling design, the latest Mac Pro seems to be a promising heavy-duty modular and customizable experience that is sure to please those who bank heavy on strong computing performances.

According to Apple, every detail of the new Mac Pro tower was crafted with purpose. From the lattice patterned aluminum shell to the stainless steel handle-to-foot frame “all the components were created to work smoothly and intuitively, so the user can work more efficiently than ever.”

Mac Pro was designed from the inside out. It’s a tool built to remove barriers. So you can do your greatest work. Building a workstation that delivers immense performance and modularity meant considering it as an integrated system. Through and through, Mac Pro is built to change with your needs.

Apple Inc.

Graphic Precision

With a new powerful computing system on hand, Apple was committed to deliver a monitor that proved to be just as immense. The Pro Display XDR is deemed to be Apple’s key attraction to creative professionals. At $4,999 the XDR, which stands for Extreme Dynamic Range, offers graphic precision unlike any other consumer display on the market. XDR features a full 32-inch retina 6k screen with up to 1600 nits of brightness, an astonishing 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and over a billion colors presented with exceptional accuracy.

A Grand Stand

Although, Apple sought to awe the public with their robust machine technology, it was their monitor stand that sparked that the most conversation. The Pro stand was built to help to Pro Display XDR adapt to any viewing angle and height necessary. Seems like any other monitor stand on the market right? Well, it appears so until you get a look at it $1000 price tag. I guess Apple is confident that their system is truly top of the line – and with any top-of the-line product, you’ll surely need top-of-the-line accessories.

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