Factorydesign Designs Aircraft Screen Divider to Address Covid-19 Concerns

The onslaught of Covid-19 has altered the way of life as we know it. With the general public becoming more cautious of direct interaction and adopting social distancing as a long-term habit, we could very well see an extensive change to the design of communal products – particularly those found in commercial spaces such as airports. 

London-based aviation design studio, Factorydesign, is among the first major industrial studios to rework the traditional design of aircraft seating, in effort to consider the health of passengers. The studio developed the Isolate Screen Divider Kit as a solution to the safety concerns posed by many travel prospects. 

The kit transforms the middle seat into a spatial divider to provide maximum personal space and separation for adjacent passengers. The light-weight table top supports a vertical screen in translucent thermoplastic to allow light to pass through and maintain an airy cabin. 

The kit disassembles easily for stowage and can be fitted to any seat in order to facilitate travelling couples who wish to be screened from the aisle. Additionally, it can be retro-fitted to any existing economy seat making it versatile to be fitted to single-aisle and twin-aisle aircraft.

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