Nendo Lights up Milan Design Week

Japanese studio Nendo partnered with air conditioning manufacturer Daikin to craft an immersive landscape of 17,000 flower-shaped polarizing films for Milan Design Week.

The installation, hosted in the spaces of Tenoha Milan, is the embodiment of space at its calmest state. The landscape materializes light and air in every way possible. Behind the ethereal space, lies an astute management of each and every detail. As Nendo founder Oki Sato notes, the simplest ideas are often the hardest to realize.

115 polarized spotlights with individually-controlled motors were suspended from the ceiling in order to create the spatial experience. On the floor, 17,000 flower-shaped polarizing films were spread in calculated patterns. Each flower was placed in a different height so the entire space appeared as if it was a real landscape of flowers. 

“The movement of the polarizing films on the spotlights allows constant change in the intensity of the flower’s shadows, even though there is no change in the amount of light in the space. And although there is no air blowing in the room, the shadows appear to be effected by a gentle breeze passing through the garden,” explains Sato. 

By focusing on an invisible subject, the installation offers a unique opportunity to experience in sight what we can only feel in real life.

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