Panasonic x Vitra Transparent TV Concept

Seamless Living Experience

Panasonic unveiled their transparent TV concept, ‘Vitrine’, as a part of an installation by Swiss furniture brand VITRA. The prototype is the result of a two-year conceptual collaboration between Panasonic and VITRA, based on an exchange of ideas about how new technologies can seamlessly integrate audio-visual devices into living spaces.

The transparent OLED screen, designed by Michael Shadovitz and Daniel Rybakken, is bordered by a wooden frame, which conceals the technical components of the device. When switched on “vitrine converts from a passive object into a lively and dynamic element, from something meant to be seen into something meant to be watched,” states designer Michael Shadovitz.

The model carefully balances between art and design – Daniel Rybakken

“As a screen it no longer dictates its placement nor its role in the living space. The dominating large black surface is instead transformed into something that can highlight what’s behind, what’s displayed or nothing at all,” Rybakken continues. 

Panasonic has yet to announce plans to commercially market the prototype, however, the ‘vitrine’ will be on display in Tokyo at Panasonic’s new show space, until further notice.

Designers: Micheal Shadovitz + Daniel Rybakken

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