Sears Take Cue From Silicone Valley For Rebrand

Following years of financial turmoil, Sears is rebranding in a grand attempt to make a comeback. The 125-year-old company, once considered a robust retailer, derailed into a very visible mark of failure amid the rise of e-retails and tech start-ups.

Now, Sears is seemingly looking towards the very industry they struggled against for inspiration. In an initial attempt to gain traction in a highly competitive retail market, Sears tossed away their old logo in exchange for a very simple symbol and new tagline, “making moments matter”.

The new design sets the wordmark in all-lowercase, san-serif type that mimics the prevailing trend in startup branding at the moment. The type is accompanied by a blue-to-green gradient icon which, according to a statement on Facebook, was “created to represent both home and heart.” The shape “also conveys motion through an infinity loop, reminiscent of one getting their arms around both home and life.”

The design has caught the attention of many critics, who note that the symbol bears a striking resemblance to Airbnb’s logo.

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