Yayoi Kusama is bringing new work to a massive showing at New York’s Botanical Gardens

Famed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is set to exhibit new work in a massive independent showcase at New York Botanical Garden in Spring 2020.

The exhibition dubbed “on-the-horizon” will be a “multisensory exploration of the artist’s profound connection with nature”, making extensive use of the Bronx venue’s gardens and indoor space. The presentation will revisit some of the Kusama’s most historic pieces including her infinity rooms, pumpkin sculptures, and polka-dot flora artwork. Botanical sketches and drawings that highlight her earliest fascinations with nature will sit alongside a new site-specific pumpkin sculpture and participatory greenhouse installation that will transform over the course of the exhibition.

Public programming featuring talks, workshops, and events related to the artist’s work will be announced in the coming months. The exhibition is set to run next year on May 2 through November 1.

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