Yves Behar + New Story Build 3D Printed Community

Swiss designer Yves Behar embarks on a revolutionary mission to build the world’s first 3D-printed community. Under the guise of his renowned industrial design and brand development firm, Fuseproject, Behar will partner with New Story and ICON to “design, construct, and deliver a groundbreaking method of homebuilding to families in Latin America who need affordable housing.”

The project aims to combat global homelessness by utilizing 3D print technology in a way that is low-cost yet capable of adapting to the day-to-day lives of residents in the community. As mentioned by the Fuseproject team, their approach addresses important questions related to climate, family structure, and the role that homes can play in creating a larger community. The homes will be constructed in 24-hours and include features that improve ventilation and offer shaded outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, and family gathering.

The process has been beautifully collaborative and has led to creative solutions for an adaptive design born in partnership with the local community. Click link in bio to learn more!

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